Breville Commercial, formerly PolyScience Culinary, has been a long term client with Chef’s Roll since 2015. We have created custom content highlighting real world use cases of their advanced kitchen appliances to show the food service industry the versatility and precision of their products. Our team worked closely with the head of product development to truly understand not only how to use the technical devices, but also the reasoning behind why they were designed that way so we can better translate those concepts into the content.

Part of Breville’s content strategy was to have short videos for YouTube showing a detailed functionality in a real world kitchen. These were filmed in horizontal and also delivered in a vertical format in shorter cuts of the longer version.

Campaigns featuring the Control Freak Induction burner starting in 2016 show how accurate temperate can be achieved through the various functions unique to this device.

Since 2018 we have been creating various type of content for the Smoking Gun. We have featured it in conjunction with other Breville products to show the versatility and added benefits of using this product in a commercial kitchen.

When Breville Commercial launched their latest generation of induction sous vide called the HydroPro in 2020, we were the first to provide custom content using the advanced features.

In 2022 Breville Commercial launched their commercial juicer to provide professional performance with an incredible design. Our task was to show how this beautifully designed product fit into real world bars and kitchens. The content we developed highlighted the performance attributes for bar and culinary applications.