Aqua Cultured Foods contracted us to film culinary content for their product launch in March of 2024. This innovative fish-free company needed chef driven content that speaks to professional chefs. We sourced chef Maylin Chavez who specializes in Baja cuisine with an emphasis on sustainability. In pre-production our team created a custom set to give the content the right mood with subtle hints of a professional kitchen. We also matched colors and themes from their website so this footage can be used in several applications throughout the website. To eliminate the need for the client to travel, we live streamed the entire shoot so they could see  what the camera saw in order to make every shot perfect.

We couldn’t have selected a better partner to help us showcase our products to chefs. As a new brand in the alternative protein space, we’re very particular about how we show up online. The Chef’s Roll team and Chef Maylin Chavez were detail-oriented, attentive, and energized—their expertise in their craft clearly comes through their video content. Bravo!

Stephanie Bernstein
Director of Marketing, AQUA Cultured Foods